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How In-Person NeurOptimal® Training Can Help You

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a gentle, safe and non-invasive way to release troublesome, unproductive patterns that hold you back from experiencing your full potential. It also has been shown to impact and improve a broad range of issues including:

  • Self Esteem
  • Substance Abuse
  • Attentional Deficits
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Obsessive Worry
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • And More…

Research Article

Neurofeedback for the treatment of children and

The American Academy of Pediatrics has rated neurofeedback as a Level 1 “best support” option for ADHD.

Anyone Can Benefit From Neuroptimal® Training

Who We Help

Boost brain performance and mental well-being for yourself and your entire family. Manage stress and build resilience.
Meet your professional goals. Our training can guide your transformation into improved multitasking, logic, problem-solving and concentration.
General Public
Neurofeedback training can promote a healthy lifestyle, contribute to general wellness, assist with weight loss goals, or supplement the management of stress.
Is your child experiencing strain from stressful distractions or a lack of focus? Help them reach their full potential and build self-confidence.
First Responders & Military
Our sessions can nurture those working through disabilities or post traumatic stress (PTSD) to thrive and improve their mental function.

Why Use NeurOptimal®?

Wellness and Personal Growth

For most, wellness is an awareness of the intimate connection between our state of mind and our physical health. Wellness typically involves the pursuit of spiritual growth for greater joy and fulfillment. Individuals in this category tend to enjoy exploring their own consciousness to discover deeper meaning. Brain training with Neuroptimal tends to accelerate this psychological evolution. Training the central nervous system also better equips users to cope with daily life challenges that could potentially delay their pursuit of wellness.

Slow the Effects of Brain Aging

Brain fitness is important at any age, but it is especially critical after age forty when anatomical changes can adversely affect our brains. Memory loss, loss of neural circuity, loss of brain plasticity and an overall thinning of cortex are well-documented age-related phenomena that may negatively impact our emotional and physical well-being. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help slow and even reverse the detrimental effects of brain aging.

Peak Performance for Athletes and Artists

NeurOptimal has helped stage performers, opera singers, celebrities and athletes excel in their chosen field. “If the performances of world-class athletes are separated by hundreths, sometimes thousanths of a second, more strength or flexibility will not help them secure victory. Nor will adding five hours practice to an already grueling weekly schedule. It is tapping the potential of the mind and its intricate connection to the body that will provide the elusive edge” – Rael Isacowitz, 2006

Help with Specific Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Challenges

NeurOptimal offers help for depression. It can dramatically help with anxiety. A recent research conference in Palm Springs, California documented positive outcomes when NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training was utilized to address a plethora of difficult issues arising from ADD, ADHD, PTSD disorder, Alzheimers disease, autism, sleep disorders, insomnia and cognitive dysfunction from chemo-therapy. A recent Norwegian study found neurofeedback training to be just as effective as Ritalin for treating children with ADHD.

Enhance Academic Performance

NeurOptimal® is a phenomenal learning tool. It helps with focus, engagement and significantly increases one’s attention span. Students of all ages can learn more quickly and effectively. They retain more of what they read and study. Teachers and parents often notice positive changes in performance and behavior after just a few sessions. NeurOptimal® can even have a positive impact on your IQ.

What You Can Expect During a Session


You arrive at our office and are seated in a comfortable chair in a quiet room. Your trainer will fill out an intake form and go over any questions you have.


Two small sensors are placed gently on your scalp, with three further sensors clipped to the ears. These sensors act as stethoscopes; no signal is introduced to the brain through the sensors.


Music begins to play through the headphones or speakers. You have the option to watch either relaxing geometric images, a movie of your choice, or to simply relax and close your eyes. Each session is approximately 45 minutes.


Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction, the system monitors your brain activity and provides feedback to your central nervous system, via audio disruptions.

Meet the Team

Parents of nine amazing children many of which have benefited from by brain training with NeurOptimal®, Yaron and Yona Rivka Kimelman are ready to share their knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of this incredible technology.


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